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Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines

Super Typhoon Yolanda tore through the Philippines Friday (November 8) affecting 25 million people living along the typhoon’s path.  The hardest hit region of the Philippines was Leyte Island. The massive typhoon, one of the worst storms ever recorded, leaves a death toll which is expected to exceed 10,000 people. Hundreds of thousands more have been displaced.
 Typhoon hit the central part of the Philippines, where our Missionaries do not work. However, they are also involved in helping the victims.  Here is the call we  received from our brothers in the Philippines.

Responding to the call of charity and compassion, we are once again knocking on your door appealing for your most generous help and prompt response.
1.      All personal monetary donations coming from INP members (including other La Salettes) shall be forwarded to Fr. Elmer Galiza, MS.  The amount which will be collected will be channeled through AMRSP.
 2.      Collections coming from our institutions (Schools, Shrines, and Parishes) may be channeled through the Diocese where we are at.  If there is no initiative coming from the Diocese, please channel them through other trusted organizations or where you see appropriate.
 3.      Cluster Councils shall assure that donations coming from our institutions be consolidated under our Congregation’s name/Institution’s name.
 We also welcome donations (in kind) from abroad.  Please send them to the Provincial House in QC.  
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