Jubilee in the context of Apparition at La Salette - Symposium

On 13 and 14 May in Salmata we held a symposium with the participation of the Provincials and delegates from all the provinces of the Congregation dedicated to the theme of the Jubilee in the context of Apparition at La Salette. Topics of the conferences have been developed by individual provinces.
Here is a list of topics:
1. Jubilee in the Old Testament (Fr. Janusz/Poland)
2. The Christ event and the proclamation of the Kingdom as a jubilee experience (France)
3. The jubilee experience in the history of the Church (Angola)
4. USA) Some problematic aspects of the Christian jubilee (Indulgence, Pilgrimage) (USA)
5. The Jubilee mentality and economic system (Brazil)
6. The jubilee as a paradigm of moral experience (India)
7. The psycho-social implications of the jubilee ( Philippines)
8. The jubilee as a lasting form of justice and peace (Argentina)
9. The jubilee experience in the Congregation (Madagascar)
10. A jubilee Theology of the apparition : the event, message, prospects. (Gian Matteo Roggio)

The symposium was attended by Silvano Marisa General and members of the General Council (Fr. Adilson Schio, Father. Henry Przeździecki) The representatives of the provinces were Fr. Alfredo Velarde (Argentina), Fr.. Edegar Silva Junior, Fr. Luis Carlos Lores, Fr. Ivo Lisaki (Brazil); Fr. Louis de Pontbriand, Fr. Andrzej Zontek (France); Fr. Piotr Cieplak (Poland); Fr. Heliodoro Santiago Bernardos, Fr. Celeste Cerroni, Fr. Jean Pierre Rabenimanana (Italy); Fr. Avelino Sangameya (Angola); Fr. Philip Naw Aung (Myanmar); Fr. Rene Butler, Fr. Ernest Corriveau (USA); Fr. Rosano Soriano (Philippines); Fr. Romuald Rakotondraibe, Fr. Jean Wenceslas Rakotomahefa (Madagascar); Fr. Biju Abraham, Father. Roy Parayil (India); Fr. Janusz Kręcidło and Father. Gian Matteo Roggio, (Theological Commission).

Below we present the video recording of the first part of the meeting.
The next part will be published as they become available
2 Part Fr. Janusz Kręcidło https://youtu.be/LtPJWk6j1os
3 Part French Province https://youtu.be/fjLphA3oXh8
4 Part American Province https://youtu.be/i3j3uDJW93g



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