Our mission as a religious congregation is no different from that of Jesus, or of the Church, which strives to incarnate Jesus's mission today: namely, to proclaim the Kingdom of God effectively, being conduits of God's saving love and messengers of hope in the world. A number of points should be mentioned in this light.
1. Being a La Salette Missionary does not call us to some mission differing from the Gospel or the Church, but it does focus our lives and our activities. We consider ourselves reconcilers and believe that the world desperately needs to learn of the hope that our message brings. We return in prayer and reflection to the event of La Salette in order to allow it to inform our way of life and our ministry.
2. "Mission" is a broader term than "ministry." As La Salette Missionaries we will engage in any number of diverse ministries. What we bring to any and all of them is the call to conversion and reconciliation, which echoes the call of Our Lady on the Holy Mountain.
3. As members of a religious community, we have come to realize that our mission is expressed not only in the ministerial works in which we engage, but also in the way we live as brothers. The way we treat one another, the way we interact with the people of God and the way we walk mindfully upon this earth – all this is subjected to the La Salette message for enlightenment. Witness, therefore, is an important part of our mission, and we seek not only to preach a message of reconciliation, but to express that in our community life.
4. One area of growing awareness for us is increased interaction with laity. We have come to know ourselves as partners in mission, and so the laity are not simply the "recipients" of the message we preach, but our fellow preachers. Many of our lay co-workers are as convinced as we of the importance of the message of reconciliation and so allow their lives to be formed by the spirituality, the charism and the mission of La Salette.
5. Being an international congregation, we hear Mary's parting words at La Salette ("Well, my children, you will make this known to all my children.") in a way that appreciates the world-wide application of our mission. While always engaged in our own culture and country in terms of ministry, we keep our hearts open to what is happening around the world. We may find ourselves drawn or called to work in a country not our own, so the culture and the ministry may be different; but the mission will always be the same.

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